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Web 2.0 is referred to the notion of technologies move, from using the web as means of static information display, to a wealth of dynamic ability improving and increasing user interaction in turn changing the whole perception of a website. Web 2.0 languages allow quick and easy web development and design. They facilitate communication, secure information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration on the web. It allows development and evolution of web-based communities, hosted services, and applications such as social-networking sites, video-sharing sites, and blogs.

Web 2.0 is about using the web as a platform. Web 2.0 websites allow users to do more than just retrieve information they allow advance computing enabling users to run software-applications entirely through the web browser.

This stands in contrast to traditional websites, the sort that limited visitors to viewing and whose content only the site's owner could modify. Web 2.0 sites often feature a rich, user-friendly interface based on Ajax and similar client-side interactivity frameworks, or full client-server application frameworks such as OpenLaszlo, Flex, and the ZK framework*. (*Source: Wikipedia)

iFlex offers Web 2.0 programming & development services, providing a substantial advantage when creating applications as service providers and service consumers. Shift in the methodology allows us to apply our creative thinking and knowledge and open up an incredible number of options for flexible design and creative reuse. Let us do the rethinking and figure out how to transition you over from the traditional web development technologies and get your site to new ideas.

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Let us help you in planning your business strategy and objectives and help you develop a detailed roadmap for solution implementation for development. We are experts in effective usage of various Web 2.0 methods, frameworks and techniques including server-side software, client-side software, RSS, web protocols, valid XHTML markup, ActiveX controls, applets, real-time push, Web Services, APIs, etc. and we pay close attention to choose one that fits your needs. We can also help you grow and improve the solution by seamlessly integrating new features and services on top of existing functionality.

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