iFlex Inc

Passion, Innovation & Service

What we are:

iFlex provides our clients in key industry verticals with focused expertise in IT consulting, Application Development, Application Maintenance, Testing services and Systems Integration. iFlex integrates expert industry knowledge, process and technology frameworks, strong partnerships, and a reliable work force to provide strategic solutions that generate sustainable results. We are able to leverage our expertise via a flexible delivery model, which includes onsite and offsite resources.

Over the years, iFlex has successfully delivered IT services and solutions and supports organizations in many diverse industries to include Healthcare, State Government, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Software, Systems Integration, Manufacturing and more.

What we do:

iFlex Inc is a leading global provider of enterprise application solutions. We offer e-business strategy, e-commerce designs, planning services, software selection, implementation and application management services, using the superior technology of the world's top-tier enterprise products The unique combination of our in-depth business understanding, our technology expertise, and our global knowledge makes iFlex Inc superior choice for private enterprise and public sector customers around the globe. From inception to completion, we infuse our projects with the one-on-one client attention that is key to ensuring the superior results and fostering the deep and long-term relationships for which iFlex is globally recognized.

Why us:

Today, business has no boundaries. Neither do our solutions. Whether you are already global or trying to get there, no other company can offer you the seamless worldwide coverage that iFlex does. We speak your language, understand your local regulatory requirements, the complexities of a multi-national and we are in your time zone, 24 hours a day. Even our smaller, regional customers benefit from the open-mindedness and breadth of knowledge that our global approach provides. With iFlex, software solutions without borders becomes a reality.

Where we deliver:

The world of technology moves fast. iFlex moves faster. We are always looking ahead to new technologies, while mastering existing ones. This forward-looking approach enables our customers to make the right decisions now that get them ahead of the competition and keep them there.

Our integrated solutions, powered by industry leaders like Oracle, SAP , PeopleSoft and Sun help our clients streamline their operations, gain greater visibility into their supply-chains, optimize their assets, attract and retain customers, and better manage their human resources. The result? Their bottom line. By giving them access to their applications from anywhere, using any mobile device, our customers don't miss a beat. By providing them with real-time, accurate information about their business, they can make faster, better decisions. By integrating all aspects of the enterprise, from finance and manufacturing, to customers, suppliers and employees, we lower the cost of each transaction, making our clients more efficient.

At iFlex, our solutions provide more than results. They provide competitive advantage.

Our Approach:

Not all questions have the same answer

Many technology companies have a packaged "solution" to sell, and therefore think they can remedy problems without listening to the client. The solutions they offer are based on alliances with hardware and software vendors, rather than what is best for your company.

An approach with an open mind

Because we are not a sales company, we are free to explore all possible solutions. We are a true consulting firm serving the best interests of our clients. Most of our clients are small to mid-sized businesses that need an objective voice to interpret technology - an advocate.

We approach problems from the perspective of your need

We approach problems from the perspective of your needs, helping you to choose the best options for your company. The solutions that we propose will never be based on our ties to a vendor. They will always be based on a complete evaluation of your needs and our experience in the real world.